Welcome to Admira Kvinnohälsa

Welcome to Admira Kvinnohälsa

Admira Kvinnohälsa is an antenatal clinic in the middle of Lund. 

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We're Admira

We would like to provide you and your partner with a dependable, trustworthy and friendly reception.

High levels of availability, continuity of care and medical competence are all important factors in a safe pregnancy and delivery. Our services include antenatal care, contraceptive counselling and Pap smear tests. Appointments concerning pregnancy, contraceptives and some tests for sexually transmitted infections (STI) are free of charge as we have an agreement with Region Skåne. This applies to all EU-citizens (N.B. the European Health Insurance card and ID must be presented).

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Being pregnant and giving birth is a major event in life. Your experience of pregnancy and birth is unique. We do our best to respond to you and your individual needs.


A contraceptive should feel safe and suit your body as well as your lifestyle, but the choice is not always easy. You are most welcome for discussion, advice and prescription of contraceptives.

Pap smear test

The Pap Smear test applies to women between the age of 23-65 years and is taken every 3 years for women aged 23-50 years and every 5 years for women aged 50-70 years.

Climacteric advisory

Here we can talk about your health, life style and sexuallity during your menopause. We can also advise you regarding vaginal infections.