Prenatal testing - Ultrasound

Prenatal testing - Ultrasound

Prenatal testing/screening includes a number of different tests of the baby. The tests can show whether the baby has an illness, a congenital disorder or a chromosomal abnormality. You are always entitled to two ultrasound examinations, but theese are optional. For prenatal testing we collaborate with the ultrasound departments at EMMAKLINIKEN or the University Hospital of Skåne (Lund and Malmö).

Ultrasound during pregnancy

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Our view is that ultrasound examinations are an important part of managing your pregnancy, although we have respect for all examinations that concern your unborn child. We therefore follow the recommendations of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, stating that there should always be a medical purpose and the benefit of the examination shall be greater than the presumed risks for the unborn child.

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We would like to reassure you that as a parent you can feel absolutely confident in the examinations we perform during pregnancy. They are recommended by your midwife and doctor as safe.